Below are a list of common questions, if you the list below doesn't answer your questions please feel to free to contact us at anytime. we understand that if this is something you never did before you can feel uneasy about it and would likely have some questions.

What’s your return policy?

Unfortunately because of the type of products we sell we done offer any returns.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

No, currently we do not offer shipping of any kind

Do you take credit cards?

Of course! However we ask that if you wouldn't mind paying cash your check please do pay with cash or check. we lose a percentage of the proceeds when you pay with credit cards and we try to keep the price of our products low for everyone.

Are the animals given antibiotics?

If the animal is suffering and we don't think the animal will make it if they don't receive the antibiotics then will will give them to the animal. but we will never sell the meat unless the customer is aware of this and at a reduced rate.

What is the breed of animal at the farm?

We currently raise angus beefers and heavy white cornish cross broiler chickens.

Are the calves born on the farm?

The calves are born only a few miles away on a neighboring farm with the same farming practices we follow on our farm. when they are properly weaned from there mother they are brought over to our farm.

I dont want a whole steer. do you sell smaller units?

Yes, we sell by the 1/4, 1/2 or whole.

Do you butcher the animal on the farm?

Yes and no, the beef we transport the animal live to Bur-Pak Family Foods Inc. Myerstown, Pa, they are a small clean butcher shop. If you have a butcher shop that you would rather use we can transport the animal to the butcher shop of your choice.   The chicken however is processed on the farm with the assistant of a mobile process unit.

How do I calculate how much it costs?

The chicken is easy, one whole bird is $15.50 regardless of weight and if you want that whole bird cut into pieces the cost is $17.50

The Beef is a bit harder to calculate and we don't know until it is getting processed. The beef is sold at $3.75 per LB hanging weight, hanging weight is the meat with the bones on the scale, that doesn't include the hide, entrails, or head. The processing fee is NOT included in the $3.75LB

I just sent my deposit for a steer in thru the online store what now?

We will contact you and inform you when we think the animal will be ready to go the butcher.

Do you offer a payment plan for BEEF?

We do offer a 6 month payment plan for Beef, go to the beef products page for more information on that.

What are the Beefers fed during the winter?

They are fed grass hay grown on our farm or land that we lease. The soil is never given any unnatural soil amenities.