Our Approach

We produce a healthy, quality product that is good for your body. Our goal is to make that product affordable to everybody that makes eating healthy products a priority. We follow organic guidelines however we are not certified organic, the certification process can be costly and again we want to make an affordable product.  We have a simple approach; give the animals what they are designed by the Creator to eat, treat the animals humanely, respect the lands and soils, and give the customer the best care we can.


Our Story

After seeing first hand the conditions on some farms we wanted to provide an alternative product for people. Don’t miss understand, there is a lot of great farms and farmers out there, they are simply providing what Americans are demanding. But for those that are demanding something more we wanted to provide a local alternative. We started the business in 2016 but the passion for nature started long before that. We have always been enjoying the great outdoors and before raising animals we were always feeding deer, planting large food plots for wildlife, and hiking the mountains of the north…

Meet the Brothers

Josh & Heather Blatt.

They live at the farm, together they raise two awesome kids Emily and Ethan  and now they have a new puppy Summer. When not working they enjoy camping and spending time together as a family.

Tim & Caiti Blatt

They live a mile away from the farm, together they raise two fantastic kids. They have a dog named Maple, three goats (named Walnut, Cutie, Peanut), and a cat named Frigid. When not working they enjoy traveling, camping, and spending time together as a family.

Next Steps…

Find out why we spend so much time making a healthy product for you and your family. Give it a try today! What is holding you back?

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